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    Fincar prescription cost, Fincar tabletten ägypten


    Fincar prescription cost, Fincar tabletten ägypten

    The Hammerspike Crisis Entry Tool is the latest in the Hammerspike breaching tool line. Designed to punch through  and remove laminate and lexan glass, the toughest glass on the market used for buses,light rail,commercial building and high end vehicles.  This is the one tool for active shooter situations, small enough to be stored in a patrol vehicle trunk.

    -Weighs in at 5.5 lbs & under 3 feet in length.

    -Designed for close quarters window breaching.  The three breaking tip and 1/4″steel alloy angled plate design, replaces the sledge/haligan tool.

    -The Hammerspike Crisis Entry Tool falls in line with everything we build.  This is true breaching efficiency through minimizing weight and   purposeful design.


    SKU: CET-0001.