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    The Hammerspike replaces heavier breaching tools requiring two hands to operate and never designed to effectively penetrate vehicle or structure glass.

    • This tool replaces heavier breaching tools requiring two hands to operate and never designed to effectively penetrate vehicle or structure glass.
    • The tool’s dimension and weight allow the operator to seamlessly integrate the use of a ballistic shield during breaching, thus promoting team efficiency.
    • The tool’s design is based off the principle of economy of motion.  Small swinging motions will break the glass.
    • The breaking tip allows the operator to strike the window in any location to achieve a successful breach.
    • The operator’s hands are kept away from breaking glass preventing injury.
    • The HammerspikeTM can be mounted onto molle via the Mollespike kydex carrier.
    • Available in high speed black of course…




    SKU: HS-0001.

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