Shieldspike LLC was created by Christopher Trapp, a City of Phoenix police officer since 1996. Mr. Trapp’s current assignment is on the department’s tactical team. Our products are 100% Made in America! We are about building relationships in the tactical community and listening to our customers. Our tools were created through years of continual training, operational experience and valuable feedback from operators from around the country.

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I used the Hammerspike tool during a vehicle rescue about a month ago. A Woman was trapped inside her vehicle after colliding with a semi-truck. It sheared off the front of the auto,rendering the electronic system useless. We couldn’t get the passenger door open to gain access to her because the doors were locked and electric windows were rolled up. The Hammerspike worked great with no problems, we were able to gain access to the door locks through the passenger window after deploying the Hammerspike. It allowed us into the car and we begin stabilizing the patient, while extrication/rescue began cutting the car away to get her out. Everyone on scene was impressed with how easily the Hammerspike worked.
Jake Weaver
Chief of Police
Willcox Police Department

I am an operator on the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team. Our team, which is a 12 man, full time team, does approximately 250 to 300 missions per year. Our team has been using the Hammerspike for several months now and we have no complaints. We have had the opportunity to use the Hammerspike several times, on search warrants, barricades, and vehicle assaults. It has never failed us and is extremely easy to use. The Hammerspike, because it is so light, allows an operator to barely swing, sometimes even just tap glass for a positive break. This increases officer safety because there is less exposure due to the minimal effort used to break any type of window. Our team is very happy with the Hammerspike and we are currently awaiting funding to outfit more operators.
M. Puente
Maricopa County Sheriffs Office

During a vehicle takedown of an armed robbery suspect, our SWAT team used the HammerSpike on the rear window, and passenger side windows of the suspect vehicle. All of the vehicle windows were tinted, but one strike with the HammerSpike easily took out the glass which allowed Operators to quickly make visual and verbal contact with the suspect. The HammerSpike has become one of our primary window breaching tools during vehicle takedowns.”
Sgt. Eric Tang
Fremont Police Department

I have been using the Hammerspike for the past 4 months. I can tell you it is an amazing tool and should be incorporated into each teams equipment list. The full sized version has proven a positive tool when working windows of all sizes. The design allows for a positive breach on the first swing. The design of the aggressive teeth grabs curtains or blinds for quick removal. You can reach forward to grab crossbars and remove them exposing the entire window. A task everyone on a rifle can appreciate.
The smaller, hand held version works well for vehicle assaults and is easier to wield than baseball bats. We were able to take out the window on a Bentley, which is no small task in itself. This version is also great for confined spaces.
Instead of Teams relying on Fireman poles and tools modified to fit our needs, we have one designed by operators to be used by operators.
SGT. M. Quick
Las Vegas Metro SWAT

“During a clearing operation on a recent east coast active shooter incident, I used the Hammerspike to breach a large plate glass storefront door. With one tap of the tool and one kick with my boot, the doorway was cleared for entry in seconds. With nearly 15 years of SWAT experience, I can comfortably say that there is no safer, lighter, more mobile and efficient glass breaching tool than the Hammerspike.
Steve, East Coast Operator
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